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The modern way of life is becoming more and more demanding and leaves some free time for many people. An online store is always available to the public, even for people who have little or no time available for shopping.


Create your own online store, expand your online business and boost your sales!


Web Heaven has the tools, knowledge, experience and dedication needed to create an online store with aesthetics, functionality and reliability that increases sales & offers a unique customer experience. We create for you an automated electronic sales system, adapted to the specifics of your products!


Manage and present your products as you wish with the Web Heaven online store, use multiple payment methods (PayPal, debit / credit card, Paysafe Card, Western Union, etc.), ensure the confidentiality of your transactions. Analyze your store sales and traffic statistics and upload your products to price comparison services.

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Unlimited products

The Web Heaven online store allows you to add unlimited products with all their features. You can create combinations of features, be priced separately, view your products based on filters, etc.

Payment gateways

The online store of Web Heaven supports transactions with all popular services, such as PayPal or Viva Payments, while it is compatible with all Greek and foreign banks. It is also possible to pay by bank deposit or cash on delivery.

Connection with a Commercial Program

The online store of Web Heaven offers the possibility to connect with commercial programs (ERP – CRM) in order to synchronize products, customers and orders between the systems and to automate complex and time-consuming management tasks.

Indicative features for the construction of an eshop:

  • Website development with wordpress for a more search engine friendly result and an optimized result for mobile devices (iphone, ipad, android etc).
  • Product categorization at unlimited levels of categories and subcategories.
  • Detailed presentation of each product or service with photos, category, subcategory, code, company, description and price. Any other specification may be included.
  • Back Office / CMS system of the online store for the management of your orders.
  • Complete management of the services database with an easy-to-use environment for additions, subtractions and any kind of change.
  • Sign In process.
  • Advanced search module.
  • Wish List.
  • Operation of related products.
  • Dynamic corporate news and blog management module.
  • Dynamic module for renewal of offers, new products.
  • Ability for the customer to see his card and the history of his orders.
  • Password sending service to the customer in case of password loss.
  • Ability to register the visitor for newsletters.
  • Corporate presentation with a complete analysis of the company’s history, activities, financial figures.
  • Possibility to build the online store in English.
  • B2B (wholesale) capability with special login and discount policy per customer.
  • User language selection
  • Currency selection and automatic conversion to all products
  • Possibility to change VAT rates

Responsive Design

Responsive Design technique combines cutting-edge technologies with a specific graphic design approach and information architecture. Responsive Design enables a web page to customize the way content is displayed according to the needs of the visitor and the device they use, such as screen size and processor power.

At Web Heaven we build Responsive websites and eshop, so that the visitor enjoys the same excellent user experience that our websites offer, regardless of the device they use. Websites with Responsive Design appear higher in search results.

e-Shop optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the procedures and interventions that need to be done in the structure and content of your website so that its content is as search engine friendly as possible, in order to rank your site high. and increase your website traffic through organic results.

At Web Heaven we believe that when building an eShop the website should be, in addition to being user friendly, also search engine friendly. That’s why we build your website so that it is easily accessible by search engines and users.


The development and design of a website should include optimizing its loading speed. If the correct steps are not taken from the beginning, additional work may be required to optimize the loading speed. The optimization of the speed of a web page is done with modifications in the code and the images of the page, changes and modifications in the way the content is served in the user’s browser and other techniques.

At Web Heaven, when building websites, we do regular checks and actions to optimize the speed of the website and apply methodologies for permanent results.

Web Design & Development

At Web Heaven we design based on the uniqueness, requirements and level of your business.

Design & Art

Impressive design, original copywriting and strong SEO are the main features of your new website with Web Heaven.

Video Marketing

We guarantee the creation of high quality video productions in order to get the strongest advertising.

Online Marketing

At Web Heaven we choose the right social media for you, which will increase your interaction with the public.

Smart Ads

We know how to make catchy commercials that communicate your product.


Choose Web Heaven for your upcoming event and give a new impetus to your corporate presence.