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The description of each product is part of the marketing strategy but also an important feature in creating an eshop, since initially, it explains the product but at the same time presents why it is worth buying. The purpose of the description of each product is to provide information to customers about its features and the benefits of its purchase.

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Online shopping is based on product descriptions

Product descriptions succeeding in selling

1. Focus on your ideal customer.

2. Attract customers by presenting the benefits of the product

3. Avoid cliché phrases

4. Justify the usability of your products.

5. Rely on the imagination of your buyers.

6. Gain more customers by using logical short stories

7. Earn by promoting the acceptance of your product by the general public.

8. Enhance the dynamics of your description.


Focus on your ideal customer.

When writing a product description you are theoretically targeting a huge number of potential buyers.

The best product descriptions are the ones that are direct and simple to the target audience. They are reminiscent of a simple conversation in which someone asks and someone else answers. Choose words that are in the vocabulary of your ideal buyer.

When it comes to writing your own product descriptions, start imagining the ideal buyer for you. What kind of humor does he appreciate (if any)? What words does he use? What words does he avoid? What questions would he have about the product?

Think about how you would talk to your ideal buyer if you were selling your product in a real store, face to face. Now try to integrate this way of communication in the world of e-commerce, so that you can create a similar online conversation, but make it more internal.


Attract customers by presenting the benefits of the product.

When it comes to our own products, it is not easy to be objective. Most entrepreneurs live and breathe for their company, their website and their products. Thus, they are more excited than normal with their features and specifications.

The problem is that our potential buyers are not so much interested in the features and specifications of the product as in its real benefits. We must address the hesitations of our customers with our description, pointing out the benefits of each of its features, separately.

What you need to do is consider and analyze the benefits of each feature separately. To help, think about ways in which your product will make your customers feel happier. Also, you can explain what problems and malfunctions your product can provide solutions to.


Avoid cliché phrases.

It often happens that in the process of describing a product, we can not find the right word or meaning to add and get to the point of using phrases that are quite common. For example the expression: “excellent product quality”.

This is a cliché phrase, once a potential buyer reads it, they will think, ” Yes, yes, of course, that’s what everyone says.”  Have you ever heard someone describe the quality of their products as mediocre, or as not so good, or even bad?

It will not be easy to convince a potential buyer that when he reads the description of your product he will start saying Yes, yes to himself. So to avoid such a reaction, it is important that each of your phrases is as specific as possible.  

The details are the ones that offer reliability to the product so that it can finally be sold. It would be good to include a lot of technical details in your product descriptions, but make sure you are as specific as possible.


Justify the usability of your products.

It would be good to avoid exaggerated expressions, because most of the time they sound like clichés, unless of course you manage to prove clearly, why your product is the best, or the easiest to use, in relation to someone else.  

You need to be able to prove why your product is really the best. If you can not do that, then it would be good to emphasize the product itself or even better to present the words of a customer who says that your product is really the best he has ever used.


Rely on the imagination of your buyers.

Research has shown that people who imagine that they have acquired a product are more likely to buy it in the end.

Because the sale is done online, customers can not see your products up close. That’s why big clear images and videos help to spark your customer’s imagination. Another way to achieve this is to increase the desire of your buying public. Let your reader imagine what it would be like if he finally got your product.


Gain more customers by using logical short stories

The use of short stories in your product descriptions dispels any second thoughts that may be in your customers’ minds and enhances your persuasiveness. In other words, reading your story, one forgets the process of selling.  

When it comes to telling a story about your products, answer the following questions:

  • Who is responsible for creating the product?
  • What was the inspiration for its creation?
  • What obstacles did you have to overcome for its development?
  • How was the product tested?


Earn by promoting the acceptance of your product by the general public.

When customers who visit your online store are unsure of the product they are going to buy, they will usually be influenced by the suggestions of other customers, reading their positive reviews. But there are other ways in which you can indirectly enhance your positive image to the public when describing a product.


Enhance the dynamics of your description.

Does the way you design your site ultimately influence the visitors of your online store to read or not the descriptions of your products?

Writing a description of your products should be done in a clear and legible way, so that the product looks more attractive to potential customers.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your site.

  • Earn your visitors by placing your products on the home page.
  • Use bullet points, because they help make the description easier to read.
  • Allow enough white space.
  • Increase the font size to help make your description more readable.

Do you find the process difficult or time consuming?

Do not worry! We undertake the description of your products.

We perceive our relationship with customers as a purely human relationship in which we invest, so that together we can lead to success. Our experience and know-how in the management and construction of eshop is a given, and we are waiting for you to reach the top together.

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