Get more traffic to your website and be the first to appear in search engines with search engine optimization.

Search engines are the largest source of information on the internet. Creating a website is not enough to appear in the first search results in its category, because search engines do not understand the natural language and can not judge its content.


Website optimization comes to fill the gap and adapt your website accordingly so that it is perceived by the search engines, evaluated positively and appears in the first places of the results.


Website optimization consists of a set of rules and techniques, applied to the structure and content of the website. Its goal is to rank high in search engines and increase website traffic through organic results.

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Competition study

Study of the competition related to the target object, identification of weaknesses, keywords, advertising campaigns, etc.

Code analysis

Study and modify the code to achieve the maximum result in web site optimization.

Speed improvement

Improve the response and loading speed of the website, by mitigating resources or applying improvement techniques.

Content modification

Modify the content and texts to match the appropriate words or phrases.


Careful study and analysis of appropriate words or phrases to focus on content optimization.


Compilation of reports by measuring and comparing results before the optimization of the website and throughout its duration.

Implementation Process



For website optimization, our company contacts you to obtain the necessary access to your content and management system, the server where the website code is located and the goal you want to meet.



Studying the code, structure and content of the website is the key factor in evaluating your website optimization plan. Every developer implements the structure of the website in a different way, while the content of the website is written without rules. As a result, the application of web optimization varies from case to case, as well as its results. Before starting the process of website optimization, we give you a report on the current situation on your website and briefly the plan that we will follow in order to achieve the best possible optimization.



The process of optimizing the website starts once the scenarios and the ways of optimization are agreed and recorded. Our company starts optimizing the website, recording the results and sending progress reports to you, until the desired result is achieved. The process is completed and we send you a final report on the initial and final phase.

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At Web Heaven we design based on the uniqueness, requirements and level of your business.

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Impressive design, original copywriting and strong SEO are the main features of your new website with Web Heaven.

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We guarantee the creation of high quality video productions in order to get the strongest advertising.

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At Web Heaven we choose the right social media for you, which will increase your interaction with the public.

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We know how to make catchy commercials that communicate your product.


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