Construction of social media shops: a really big news in the world of e-commerce for every small and medium business!

The construction of social media shops is now a reality. It basically allows businesses to create their own online showcase on the two largest social networks, Facebook and Instagram. This feature turns social networks into a top shopping destination. 

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Social media shops make online sales easy

Customizable collections highlight your selected products.

A single shopping experience that is available on Facebook and Instagram.

Design features and tools help bring your brand to life.

Design your store so that it reflects your brand

Customize your collections by adding the products you want to promote, as well as attractive images and design elements that highlight the identity of your brand. 

Help consumers discover your products on a large scale

Users can access your store from your Facebook Page, your Instagram profile, Instagram Shopping ads, or posts and stories with direct shopping.

You can also add custom shopping interaction audiences to your ad campaigns to reach people who are looking for and buying products from your store.

Reach customers where they are already looking for products and making purchases

Create a store that will appear in all Facebook applications, so you can promote your products in popular shopping destinations, such as the Facebook Store and the Instagram Store.

Boost your buying and selling ratings through discussions

The stores allow customers to get in direct contact with you via Messenger, Instagram Direct and soon via WhatsApp, to ask questions, find support, track the delivery of their order and much more.

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