Social Media is an extremely useful tool for your online marketing. Attracting fans and followers gives new dynamics to your online presence and increases your audience, and consequently your market. But mistakes, weaknesses or just the ‘bad moment’ can bring the exact opposite results from what you expected. Negative reviews and reviews, traveling lightning fast through the online word of mouth, can ruin your online reputation in a short time!


How prepared are you for a crisis that erupts on Social Media with you in the spotlight? Are you ready to face negative comments and criticism? We at Web Heaven successfully undertake your reputation management. We identify the weaknesses of your presence on Social Media, develop an effective online marketing plan for immediate response to a potential crisis and maintain your online reputation intact.


Social Media Strategy

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterrest or Instagram?
Or is it all?

Still wondering what your social media presence will be?

Forget Facebook pages with non-existent content and Twitter accounts with standard tweets, and come to us to set up a comprehensive social media strategy that fits your corporate profile. At Web Heaven we recognize your unique needs for social media exposure. We choose the right Social Media for you, which will increase your interaction with the public. We design original online marketing campaigns that bring Likes, Followers and maximum engagement!

Let’s design together the package that suits you & Let’s Get Social!


Increase conversion to sales worldwide


Improving the user experience and brand loyalty


increase share on social media compared to other forms of content


Online shopping is based on online marketing

Let’s Get Social!

Facebook marketing

The flagship of Social Media is the one that will take off your corporate profile. Increase Likes, interact with your Fans and expand your audience. We design Posts with impressive visuals and original texts, we organize Facebook Ads campaigns and we design the App that suits you for your competitions! We guarantee the increase of Likes and the interaction of the Facebook page from the very first day that we will take over your account!

Twitter marketing

How much can you say with just 280 characters?
We at Web Heaven can ‘tweet’ enough to take your company’s online marketing to the next level! We create appropriate tweets, gain new followers and keep the interest of existing ones undiminished.

Let’s design your own Twitter Marketing together, and grow your online audience through the most ‘airy’ Social Media!

LinkedIn marketing

Do you have a presence on the ‘Facebook’ of professionals?
We design and implement your own LinkedIn Marketing and take your branding to the next level. We connect your business to the online world of professionals where new collaborations and B2B opportunities await you.

Pinterest marketing

It is the fresh Social Media that runs with a thousand! And why not since it is based almost entirely on images! We design your own good looking account, upload the most creative content, gain followers and you benefit from interacting with the Pinners.

Youtube marketing

It can’t get more viral!
It is called Youtube, it has replaced the old-fashioned TV and it is above all viral! We at Trendy Labor, make your own Youtube channel in the style that suits you. Upload your videos online, gain views, likes and take advantage of your viewers’ comments for strong engagement.

Web Design & Development

At Web Heaven we design based on the uniqueness, requirements and level of your business.

Design & Art

Impressive design, original copywriting and strong SEO are the main features of your new website with Web Heaven.

Video Marketing

We guarantee the creation of high quality video productions in order to get the strongest advertising.

Online Marketing

At Web Heaven we choose the right social media for you, which will increase your interaction with the public.

Smart Ads

We know how to make catchy commercials that communicate your product.


Choose Web Heaven for your upcoming event and give a new impetus to your corporate presence.